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Since I am notoriously bad for remebering what kind of thing s I really want to have, doubly so when the time for things like Christmas, my birthday or anything else comes around, I have decided to keep a wish list of sorts.

Mostly because this means a lot less hassle for people who want to give me something rather then money, and part because I actually contains things I actively want to have.

Or … as Elizabeth told me: […] and actually you are not so bad at knowing what you want, as knowing what you DON’T want and hating surprises. Only (most of the time) you don’t know what you don’t want until you see it, hence hating surprises. (sic)


books, kindle, graphical novels
dvd/blurays, misc, writing
booze, coffee, glassware

More for personal reference:

(please consult Elizabeth, or myself about this)

Auxiliary wishlist

Archery, Petanque, Walking
Clothing, House & Home, Camping –>


Books (hardcopy)

••• Religious

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Kindle E-books

  • Kindle gift cards are likely to be the bette option since I don’t think you can gift specific books via kindle.

  • Amazon Gift Cards

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Graphical Novels.

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DVDs / Blue-Rays / Boxsets

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Booze (because reasons)

••• Whisky
••• Gin / Vodka
••• Tequilla / Rum
••• Others

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Coffee & Tea

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