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Migrating from a Linode to Digital Ocean VPS

Over the last few weeks I have been steadily working away (mostly when time and motivation were at my disposal) at moving away from Linode to a VPS hosted by Digital Ocean.

There have been many reasons for this; Worry and lack of handling with Linode over their last huge DDOS outage - one in a long line of them, moving away from Slackware since most of my current work seems to be based around Debian and Ubuntu based machines with AWS.

Of course, there is also a financial factor into this and while I probably could have downgraded to a cheaper Linode, this move is also about taking my own control for what I use, rather then through a third way agreement that was in place.

As part of this migration - I have decided to actually do a little more with my VPS then just sitting around as a bounce off host for IRC. So with a bit of help from a friend, I have started this ‘ghost’ blog (named after the software, not the spooky kind).

Probably in time, I will fade out my old blog on wordpress. After years working with wordpress, I have come to find it being being convoluted and sluggish in most cases.

So on wards and upwards then … there are a few things left to do. The most important is to get a wiki up and I am planning to do that in probably (read most likely) a docker container.

I also want to extend this blog a little bit, have perhaps a nicer theme (although the default casper theme is rather nice and clean) and some other little tweaks.

But that is for the future.