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Migrating away from Ghost Blog to Jekyll

For those that occasionally frequent my blog, you may have noticed that there has been a change in layout once again.

As the title indicates; I have moved away from hosting my blog on the self-hosted ghost platform. There are a few reasons for this:

  • It was becoming a bit of a pain to keep up to date, and soon I was several major versions behind.

  • I really disliked the new Ghost 2.0 editor. It did away with the brilliant dual screen editor they had in the ghost 0.x series, which would render and immediately show me how that would look on the screen. Frankly, it felt worse than the wordpress editor.

  • The newer updates broke several of the tables that I used, mostly notable for my CV/Resume page. I probably could have fixed that but there are only so many hours in the day.

  • I was not fond of the way the new UX of Ghost 1.x and 2.x blogs looked like.

All in all, this led to a conclusion that I needed a better solution to host my blog on. I have been aware of static site generators for a while; but the lack of time to convert my blog (and probably a certain amount of lethargic procrastination as well) meant my old blog stayed where it was.

The last couple of weeks I have made some effort (and also headway) into converting my blog to Jekyll. This coupled together with the brilliant Jasper Theme; which brings back most of the design of the old Ghost 0.x interface.

There’s still a few bits and bobs that need doing and checking over, a few rewrites here and there; but that is just adding content. all in all the conversion was not that bad (a bit more manual than I had hoped for - but we can’t have all the things).

At least that means I can actually write some blogposts if the need grabs me, rather than being put off having to work in a horrible editor.