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First Photography Shots

For a long while I have been in the possession of a Canon EOS 20D. A more technical review of the camera can be found on this site. We got this through a friend of the family after borrowing it for a few days. We have used it occasionally, but the majority of the time it is sitting on the shelf gathering dust.

I have made myself a promise to try and do more with photography. Of course this is something that is entirely easier said then than done, by and large by the sheer virtue of firstly getting used to taking the camera with me wherever I go.

Secondly, and this is perhaps a different point, is to rely more on my DSLR than I do on my smartphone.

While I know, and am aware of the fact that these days a smart phone camera can produce pictures as well as any older generation DSLR, there is something quite nice about working with a dedicated camera.

Whether because with a DSLR you are more focussed on the act itself rather then the all encompassing and sometimes overwhelming amount of information that a smartphone can give and thus the distraction that comes with that. I think however that is very much part and parcel of whom I am.

While I love and enjoy my gadgets and do spend an extraordinary amount of time on them, there are several activities where I much rather singular focus on the thing that I am doing - rather then the possibility of being distracted by other things.

A few days, I took my camera with me to a practice session at the Leicester Ancient Order of Foresters Archery Club. Of the many photos I took two stood out that I wanted to do some more post processing on.

There will undoubtedly be more photos posted in due time. One of the things that I have decided is that I do not want this blog purely to be technical. While technical matters are always close to my heart, I also want to share and write about other things that have my passion, such as photography.

Both these photos are the end result of playing around with various filters, and both turned out really well.

Longbow at rest Orginal can be found on instagram

This is a close up / macro shot of a Longbow, which was just gorgeous to look at and is coveted by many an archer at the grounds. I wanted to capture the beautiful graining that was visible on the limbs of the bow. While the original shot was showing of the red of the bench and the lush green of the grass. I wanted to make the bow stand out even sharper and decided to turn the background into black and white.

Sophie, a gorgeous puppy Original can be found on instagram

This gorgeous little puppy is named Sohpie, and belongs to one of the archers at the club, a longbow shooter. She is adorable and very friendly and playful. It took me a fair few shots and enticing her with a ball just out of reach to get her to look. Sport shots are a blessing in these circumstances!


Admittedly I am quite happy with how these two turned out.